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It is getting cooler…more clothes, pumpkin everything, less outdoor activity, less sunshine inducing joy :(, holidays……how to NOT SUCCUMB to fall “fatfests” on a regular basis!!

#1  Get enough sleep!!

Loss of sleep increases hunger during the day leading to …you got it…CRAVINGS!!  Get 7-9 hours each night

#2   Eat a healthy breakfast!!! 

Cravings for some folks are a result of blood sugar highs and lows.  Eating a balanced breakfast with fiber and protein will start your day off right and stabilize your blood sugar throughout the day.  Consider eggs and egg whites, whole grain or sprouted grain toast, oatmeal with some delicious tasting whey protein and include some healthy fats like a couple tablespoons of avocado, nuts, seeds, or 1-2 teaspoons of coconut, olive, or flax seed oil!

#3  Fight hunger!

Eat small meals regularly so that hunger doesn’t cause you to raid the cookie jar or veer off into a drive through!!  Keep healthy snacks with you.  You can also eat more of the foods that keep you fuller longer like whole grains and veggies.

#4  Eat meals at scheduled times!!

Avoid the pitfall of snacking while watching TV, working at your computer, etc…eat at scheduled times and then finish the meal with a cup of tea, a piece of sugar free gum or a good tooth brushing!

#5  Budget cravings into your diet!!

Craved foods can be incorporated into meals if used as let’s say a “100 calorie allowance”   Finish your meal with a cup of java and two small squares of dark chocolate but try not to eat snacks alone when they are too hard to control.

#6  Make the foods you crave difficult or impossible to get to!

I keep my fridge and cabinets clean…and by that I mean that most of the time there is nothing in there that can throw me off….no chips, cookies, protein bars, ice cream, easy hand to mouth and sugary, salty, or “floury” foods.  Occasionally I keep some dark chocolate but if in a place in my life where I am lacking control, I keep that away too.  Remember too that preparation is everything…when on the road, have your healthy snacks portioned out and ready to go.

#7 Find healthy alternatives!

If you tend to crave sweets in the afternoon, have some low sugar yogurt and a fruit or a protein pudding with some almonds in the afternoon…something with similar taste yet lower calories, more nutrients, and more fiber.

#8  Keep a food journal!

This may not stop cravings but ultimately brings awareness to what you are consuming and when the “problem” times are.  Owning up to what your are eating can make you think twice about caving to your cravings!  THIS is why we do check ins!!

#9  Identify craving triggers!

Emotional eating is a real phenomenon.  If you pay attention, you may find that carvings are worse in times of stress, depression, etc.  Managing those situations will help control your cravings

#10  Eat a varied balanced diet!

Sticking to tried and true may help you keep track of what you are putting in your body but may leave you feeling unfulfilled.  Try new dishes or food combinations.  Use a variety of vegetables, seasonings, and spices to change it up!!  A goal of dropping body fat does not mean you can’t be satisfied!!

Hope this helps you all CONQUER THE CRAVINGS


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