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Here’s the deal…you have decided to compete.  Therefore, that is a priority.  You need to stay as close to what is on your plan as humanly possible when traveling so here is a QUICK TIP guide for you.

Refrigeration & Heating It Up

When possible, choose a hotel that has a microwave and refrigerator in their rooms.  When this is not possible, ask if they can be provided for you.  At the very least, get a fridge (most hotels will supply that) and pay the small fee…it is worth it!!

Prepare To Stay ON PLAN

Prepare all of your meals for the trip and the day upon return as you normally would for the week.

Cold Food Cold

You have a couple of choices with regard to perishables.  You can freeze your meals and then place in cooler with 1-2 non- liquid ice packs OR purchase dry ice right before trip to put in cooler with fresh food

Carry Your Food On

In your cooler, store your perishables along with all your meals for day of travel and take that as your carry on or “purse”


In your suitcase, store your non-perishables in ziploc bags such as:

  •               Tuna packets
  •               Rice cakes
  •               Protein powders- label as protein powder
  •               Rolled oats
  •               Nuts and/or packets of nut butters
  •               Pre-workout, BCAAs, vitamins, any other supps (all labeled)
  •               Protein pudding packets


Pre-Flight Prep

Two days prior to your flight to and from destination, take Emergen-C or Airborne and a B-complex in order to boost your immune function


Humidity on flights can be as low as 1% so drink tons of water the two days before, during and after!!


Bring hand sanitizer and/or wipes!!

Preparing for a show often brings your immune function down so taking the above precautions is critical!




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