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Posing Clinic is open to everyone regardless of who your coach is or where you train


All divisions & all levels.  From first time competitors to IFBB Pros.



The First Saturday Of Each Month - 12-1:30pm  (through Aug.4)


Colosseum Gym

9159 Red Branch Rd.

Columbia MD 21045 


COST: $10 cash - Covers guest speakers and professional level coaching from your Maryland area Pros and Judges.


After Clinic Discussions - Different Topics Each Month

March 3 - Show Day Checklist
April 7 - Bodybuilding Budget Tips To Save
May 5 - How To Catapult To A National Level
June 2 - How To Manage Summer Social Events
July 7 - How To Use Imagery For Success In Life And On Stage
Aug 4 - Conquering Stage Anxiety


What to Bring:
Men: Shorts or Sports Boxers
Women: Heels (Bikini & Figure) and Bikini (all divisions)
Yes ladies you can do short shorts and a sports bra. However you will receive better feedback the more of your physique we are able to see. **Men and Women: It is strongly recommended that you wear your actual suit for at least the last 2 clinics before you show.

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