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Ready For A Bodybuilding Prep Coach? Struggling With Your Competition Prep? Are You Ready To Step Up To The Next Level?  Online Prep Coaching Could Be Perfect For You.

Can't Figure Out The Right Meal Plan?

They say that “abs are made in the kitchen”.  If your diet and nutrition are not 100%  on point, you are not going to look your best when you hit the stage.

Not Sure How To Tweak Your Workouts To Get The Biggest Muscle Gains?

Are you doing the same workouts week after week and not seeing results?  Are you bored with the same old regimens for cardo and/or strength training? Not seeing muscular gains?

Wish You Had A Seasoned Professional Bodybuilding Prep Coach That You Could Ask ANY Questions You Wanted, Anytime You Wanted?

It takes years of experience & working with hundreds of clients to learn what is important, what tactics will help you achieve your goals, and what to do in your unique situation.  

Why Use A Bodybuilding Prep Coach

Can’t I Just Do This On My Own?  I Have The Internet To Answer Questions.

You’ve decided to compete in a physique competition.  You try to go it alone and put together your own meal and workout plans.  You try to read up on supplements to figure out what will work best.  There is a plethora of information out there.  In fact, that’s the problem.  There are too many conflicting view points on exactly what works and what doesn’t.  Your body is uniquely different from EVERYONE else’s.  Someone else’s plan will not work the same for you.

A well-qualified prep coach, that has worked with hundreds of clients, can put together a plan that is specifically designed for YOU.  Your plan should take into consideration,training style, length of time till competition, dietary needs, lifestyle, daily schedule, competition experience, and many more factors.

DO NOT do this alone.  Even the monster size IFBB Pro Bodybuilders use a prep coach.  They know that they need a 2nd set of eyes monitoring their progress, making changes to the plan, and holding them accountable to sticking to it.


IFBB Pro Stacy Wig Is Now Available To Work With You.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 1

Customized Workout Plan

Stacy will work with you to learn more about your exact SMART goals, you specific concerns, your lifestyle and more. Only then will she develop and layout a completely customized workout plan.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 2

Individually Customized Nutrition Plan

No Cookie Cutter diet plans!  Stacy takes all of your information, weeks or months until the big day, lifestyle, and more to develop the perfect diet & nutrition plan that is customized specifically for you.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 5

Access To WIG Athletics Nutrition App

Every client gets access to WIG Athletics nutrition app.   This is where Stacy will provide you with your meal plan.  Your meal plan includes WHAT to eat, WHEN to eat, and HOW MUCH to eat, providing you with the macronutrients for each meal and each day. You also receive a grocery list and exchange options.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 3

Weekly Check-Ins

Stacy will hold you accountable for your prep. You will be required to submit weekly check-ins with pictures.

Every week Stacy will adjust/modify your diet, workout and supplement plan as needed to help you achieve maximum results.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 7

Posing Clinics

On most Sunday mornings you will find  Stacy providing posing instruction at the TEAM Warrior Within posing clinics at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia MD.  If you are in the area or can make the trip to Maryland, you will have free access to these clinics.

Stacy also offers low cost small group posing sessions with video footage and photos of the session, detailed coaching on all aspects of competition preperation, and video coaching free of charge the week after each session.

Access To Training Library

You will have complete access to WIG Athletics complete library of over 90 exercise demonstration videos. You can watch these videos to see exactly how you should be doing the movements.  It’s like having Stacy personally train you every time you go to the gym.

Every exercise that you are assigned comes with an exercise demo be either Stacy or another reputable fitness professional.

Stacy’s app also allows you to download your workouts anywhere, track everything, add stats and pictures, and get ideas for alternative exercises.

Supplement Guidance

Don’t let the abundance of false information on supplements ruin your prep.  Stacy has been a professional coach and personal trainer for over 30 years.  She knows what works and what doesn’t.  She will teach you everything you need to know about correct supplementation.

Online Prep Coach - bodybuilding 8

Stage Ready

In addition to working with 1000’s of athletes, Stacy is also a national level NPC judge.  She will help you with suit selection, posing routines and posing practice.  Anything you want to know about the actual competition day, Stacy is there to help.

What My Clients Say

Testimonials From A Few Online Prep Coaching Clients

Bodybuilding Prep Coach Men's Physique IFBB Pro NPC =- Stefan Charles-Pierre

“Working with Stacy has been invaluable and a great learning experience. Working with her was the key to a successful first year of competing. I look forward to continue working with her in the upcoming year of professional competitions.”

Stefan Charles-Pierre – USBF Pro & IFPA Pro

Stacy didn’t simply help me achieve my own personal goal she helped me grow as a person and overcome things I never thought were possible! I look forward to working with her in preparation for my next season!!

Brooke Whetston – NPC Bikini Competitor

NPC Bikini Competitor - Brooke Whetstone - Personal Training Online Coaching
kairina-marin-bao-5-month-comparison Online Training Coach Bikini NPC Prep Coach

“One of the happiest days of my life. I did my 1st Bikini Fitness
competition. I’m so proud of myself because after 18 weeks of training,
countless hours at the gym, this strict diet I made it through. I
thank God for giving me the strength to do it, my husband for his support, my coach for teaching me how to be a Warrior.

Kairina Marin Bao – NPC Bikini Competitor

THREE Steps To Get Started

Click On The “GET STARTED NOW” button below right now. Don’t put this off another minute.


1. Fill Out The Application Form Below

Be as detailed as possible. Stacy needs to know everything about your goals, specific health issues, compettion history, experiences with other prep coaches, lifestyle, daily schedule and anything else that you feel is important.  Most of the time Stacy will respond within 24 hours.

2. Stacy Will Review Your Application

Sometimes clients are not really ready for an onliine prep coach. Stacy will review your application and determine what the next step should be.  If you’re not ready for online coaching Stacy will talk to you and discuss where you should go from here.


3. Your Custom Action Plan

If you  are selected to work with Stacy she will talk with you at great length so that the two of you can develope a written plan of action for your prep cycle.  You will then receive access to the apps, online portals, video library and more.

Using the latest training methods, intense and personalized nutrition plans, and weekly check-ins (not to mention 24/7 access through email) Stacy and I were successfully able to transform my body into a ripped, vascular, and lean physique. If you’re looking for the top bodybuilding prep coach, Stacy is the one.

Matt R.Men’s Physique

How Much Does Online Prep Coaching Cost?

A Lot Less Than In-Person Training Costs


Full online coaching from Stacy Wig costs $300 per month.  This includes the nutrition & training plans, as well as access to all the other mentioned resources.

All Packages Include:

  • Weekly Check-Ins with Stacy.
  • Customized plans that are adjusted weekly as needed.
  • Access to the WIG Athletics Nutrition App.
  • Access to the WIG Athletics Video Training Library.
  • Supplement guidance from Stacy.
  • 24/7 email access for ANY questions, concerns, issues, etc…
  • Access to monthly posing clinics at the Colosseum Gym in Columbia MD
  • Access to additional small group OR individual posing practice with Stacy (for a nominal extra fee)
  • Help with suit selection, competition day pointers, and more.  Anything you want to know about the sport, Stacy is there for you.

Frequently asked questions from our customers

Questions About WIG Athletics Online Physique Competition Prep Coaching

Is There A Contract?

Simple answer is NO.  There is no contract that ties you in for any specific length of time.   You can cancel anytime.  HOWEVER, keep in mind that this is NOT a “Get Fit Fast” or “Be Stage Ready In 2 Weeks Program”.   Those programs don’t work!   You need to personally commit to yourself that you will put in the time and work that it takes to be the best that you can be.  I hope you will stick with this long enough to see results.

I Have Special Circumstances Or Injuries. Can Stacy Work With Me?

Stacy has personal experience with injury and illness (life in a wheelchair, 9 surgeries, a history of eating disorders, and spinal fractures resulting from an accident practicing her fitness routine) so she has “been there.” She is also a cancer survivor.   She rehabilitated herself after each surgery and illness and has a background in physical therapy with both adults and children.  

Stacy says, “Lifes obstacles are there for a reason…to make you Stronger.  With that attitude, you will excel and can face anything that life throws at you.”

She is here to guide you to your goals by providing you with the knowledge, resources, and accountability every step of the way.

What Type Of Competitors Does Stacy Work With? What Divisions Does She Coach For?

If you are an athlete of ANY kind, Stacy can help you.  Whether that be high school, college, or professional sports.  A big percentage of Stacy’s clients are physique competition competitors.  She works with all divisions:

  • Bikini
  • Figure
  • Women’s Physique
  • Fitness
  • Men’s Physique
  • Classic Physique
  • Bodybuilding

Whether you are just starting out on your journey or you are a seasoned pro looking to go the next level, Stacy can get you there.

Is Stacy Really Qualified To Be An Online Prep Coach?

Stacy’s Qualifications:

  • IFBB professional athlete
  • National Physique Committee judge (NPC)
  • Competed In Numerous NPC and IFBB competitions in the Fitness, Figure, and Women’s Physique.
  • 2002 NPC National Fitness Champion
  • Holds a Masters Degree in Sports Physcology.
  • Graduate work in anatomy and physiology, kinesiology, public health, nutrition, and computer technology.
  • Certified Strength & Conditioning Specialist
  • Certified Personal Trainer – National Academy of Sports Medicine.
  • Precision Nutrition Certified Sports Nutritionist.
  • CHEK Institute Certified Holistic Lifestyle Coach
  • Stage precense coach to athletes worldwide.
  • Worked with thousands of clients from all over the world.
  • One of the top IFBB Pro Bodybuilding Prep Coaches
Why Should I Choose To Work With Stacy vs Another Prep Coach?
  1. See “Is Stacy Really Qualified To Be An Online Prep Coach” above.
  2. Ask the other coach what their qualificiations are.
  3. Compare the two.
  4. Choose Stacy
I Am Not An Athlete. I Just Want To Lose Weight. Can Stacy Help Me?

Absolutely!  This page is describing Stacy’s programs for athletetic prep.  But Stacy also works with clients of all shapes and sizes for all kinds of reasons.  She will create a customized plan of attack to help you reach whatever your goal is, and beyond.

Click on the Get Started Now button and fill out the form.   In the notes section be sure to tell Stacy why you are interested in Online Coaching.  Describe your current situation, weight, health issues, etc…  She will contact you within 24 hours to discuss how she can help you finally reach your goals.

Fill Out The Form Below Then Click The Get Started Button

Do This Right Now!  Don’t Put It Off Another Day.